VFD Training Institute Nigeria


The #1 Automation Training provider in India, IPCS, aiming to reach global status by expanding its wings across the globe. IPCS provides various training programs for Students, Professionals & Corporate with highly advanced facilities. IPCS conducts training on the latest industrial trends with complete practical oriented training methods & labs. Our training methods are considered the most advanced & Industry based programs across all our training Centers.

VFD is a popular device used to control the frequency of the motor by fluctuating the voltage supplied to it. VFD is a simple yet most widely used product used in all kinds of industries, from controlling a lift speed to a reactor frequency. VFD is the most used energy management tool used in industries, since it drastically reduces the usage & limits it to only when required. IPCS have been providing 100% practical training to our students on VFD programming for the past decade. Large number of students are trained & placed in high profile companies through VFD training programs. IPCS is an ISO certified company and our VFD Training Accredited by IAO (USA), Training Approved by Supreme Education Council (Qatar), and Training Certified by Delta Taiwan & training program is affiliated by SIDCO (India). We started our latest Centers in Nigeria as a stage for expansion process across the world.


VFD Installation Professional – Duration – 30 hrs

Today Conventional motor starters are replaced by energy efficient Variable Frequency Drives. Variable Frequency Drives can provide maximum starting torque without causing complaint to motor windings. The course contents are

  • Basic Terminology Associated With Motors And Variable Speed Drives
  • Type Of Motors , Construction And Their Operating Principle
  • Basic Principle Of Starters And Variable Speed Drives
  • Methods Of Starting Of Motors
  • Main Functions Of Starters And Variable Speed Drives
  • Different Types Of Drives- Variable Frequency And Variable Voltage Drives.
  • Different Control Modes Of VFDs
  • Discrete And Continuous Control Schemes.
  • Effect Of Long Distance Cables On VFDs
  • Different Types Of Braking
  • Selection Of VFDs Based On Application
  • Hands On Experience On Integrated System
  • Servo Motor And Stepper Motor Control Interfacing Of ADC
  • Different Type Of Sensors.
  • Development Tool For MCS-8051 -KEIL