SCADA Training Institute Zimbabwe


IPCS, World’s most leading Automation Training providers; conducts various training programs for people from all streams. IPCS provides highly advanced Automation lab & infrastructure for our students. IPCS Training methods are built in such a way that all our students get the top-notch practical exposure as per the current industry trends in the highly competent field of Automation.

SCADA software is crucial for industries as they play a major role in maintaining the efficiency & to take smarter decisions. SCADA system allows the organization to control processes at remote areas to monitor & process data, interact with devices and record events as required. The SCADA system’s capacity to notify about the errors helps to avoid higher losses in production & thus maintaining the productivity of the business. All around the globe, you can find versions of SCADA system running behind the scenes. SCADA systems are utilized in various sectors such as Automobile manufacturing, Water treatment plants etc.
IPCS have provided training & placement to a high number of students across the span that we have been on field. IPCS is an ISO certified company & our training programs are affiliated by SIDCO (India), Training session’s standards accredited by IAO (USA), Training Methods Approved by Supreme Education Council (Qatar) & are certified by Delta Taiwan. The most advanced training facilities & methods are adopted in our Zimbabwean center also.


  • SCADA Packages
  • Role of SCADA in Industrial Automation
  • SCADA System Configuration, RTU, Communication Protocols
  • Script Programming
  • Real Time and Historical Trend
  • Configuring Alarms
  • Real Time Project Development with PLC Interfacing
  • Communication with other Software
  • Recipe Management
  • Accessing Different Security Levels
  • Report Generation of Current Plant