SCADA Training Institute Sudan


At, IPCS we know it is very hard to be successful without a well-trained workforce. That is why we have invested in improving professional skills, so we establishing industry-leading courses in the state of the art training centers across the globe. Our training modules designed for students, working professionals in the industry, every course we deliver have well balanced between theory, and practical. Our industrial experienced trainers will give you great insight about the industrial processes that include many modules like PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, Field Instrumentation and more.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a system, which is used industrial plants and process controlling, it is a software application, but it works only with a hardware such as PLC, RTU or DCS. With SCADA, we can control, monitor, collect, and process real-time data. SCADA extensively used in large industrial plants, electrical grids, and water treatments plant and more. SCADA provides convenient and safe handling of the automated processes.
IPCS has enormous experience in providing SCADA solutions for many industries. Which taken us into a great position to provide training to engineering professionals. Our SCADA training courses accredited by international organisations such as ISO and IAO (USA).


  • SCADA Packages
  • Role of SCADA in Industrial Automation
  • SCADA System Configuration, RTU, Communication Protocols
  • Script Programming
  • Real Time and Historical Trend
  • Configuring Alarms
  • Real Time Project Development with PLC Interfacing
  • Communication with other Software
  • Recipe Management
  • Accessing Different Security Levels
  • Report Generation of Current Plant