QA QC Course Training


Guarantee in quality will drive away from the concern of defect up to an extreme. Well, the verse in quality management will bring out an assertive product/result. Quality can’t be grabbed unless and until the laws of regarding gone by hearted. Sufficient practical experience is the key factor to attain the assurance in quality. Here comes the need for quality assurance and quality control. We are here to frame you like an expert in this kingdom.

QA/QC Course – Duration: 180 Hours
    • Introduction to QA/QC
    • Quality techniques & tools
    • Approaches to define Quality
    • Quality Systems
    • Total Quality Management
    • Six – Sigma
    • Benchmarking
    • Quality Management and Control Tools
    • Introduction to Weldings
    • Welding Dimensions
    • Welding Symbols & Positions
    • Welding Consumables
    • Welding imperfections & defects
    • Welding Document works
    • Welding Inspection & Testing Methods
    • Qualities of QA/QC Engineer