DCS Training Institute Trivandrum


IPCS is one among the top rated ISO certified company which is leading in the Automation sector with high-end specifications. Focusing on its experience in the same field, IPCS provides different courses which are primarily focusing on the Industrial professionals, Colleges, Students, Job seekers and also Corporate Companies. The curriculum and the course which is offered at IPCS are well composed and stimulated with a good environment to address the analytical, professional and the leadership qualities of the trainees. The training at IPCS addresses the new age trends and technologies in the automation sector and also mold the students to take up new challenges and careers in the growing areas of automation.

DCS( DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM ) is a particularly made control system used especially for controlling large, complex and high distributed applications in industrial processes. In this controllers are distributed all over the whole industrial plant. All of these distributed controllers are connected to each other with high-speed communication networks. The basic elements in the Distributed Control System Controller, Local Control Unit, HMI, and Communication media/protocol. IPCS is providing courses in DCS for many years especially targeting students and professionals. Trainees who completed the course are assured with placement assistance with good salary. DCS training at  IPCS is authorized by international certifications.


DCS Engineering & Maintenance Duration – 30 hrs

Duration: – 30 Hours
Distributed Control Systems or DCS are used for control loops in a machine. These DCS allows a dedicated controller for each of the control systems which individually monitors each of the functions.

  • INTEL 8051 Mcus.8051/89c51 Architectures
  • DCS Evolution
  • DCS System Overview
  • DCS Hardware Overview
  • Field Control Station Overview
  • Human Interface Station Overview
  • Operation of Standard Display Panels
  • Tuning Parameter Display
  • Tuning Parameter Description
  • Operation of Standard
  • Display Panels
  • Feedback Control
  • Instruments Operation
  • Sequence Control Instruments Operation
  • Real Time Graphic Display Features
  • Process Alarm Management
  • Annunciator Message Management
  • Operator Guide Message Management
  • Human Interface System Utility Functions
  • Peripheral Device Connectivity
  • Human Interface Station Configuration
  • Field Control Station Configuration
  • Field Wiring Schematics for Analog & Digital Signals
  • Control Drawing Builder
  • Feedback Control Instrument
  • Generation
  • Software Switches
  • Configuration
  • Sequence Control Instrument
  • Generation
  • Operation Windows Configuration
  • Control Group Display
  • Process Overview Display
  • Trend Recording Display
  • Process Report
  • Historical Report
  • Image File Utility
  • System Status Display
  • FCS Configuration
  • Sequence Tables
  • Logic Charts
  • HIS Configuration
  • Graphic Builder
  • Message Definition
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Project Common Definition
  • I / O Module Configuration
  • Generation of Interlocks
  • Operation Group Overview