SCADA Training Institute Kerala


IPCS(Ingenious Power and Control Systems)) is professional industrial automation learning centre for several decades. IPCS emerged as a Center of Excellence in automation engineering and providing high quality education, focusing on empowerment and innovation. Our broad vision is to build a growth in developing the skilled professionals in the field of industrial automation by improving our technical skills and creating satisfaction to the learners.with the dedication of experienced instructors. we develop quality professionals capable of assuming leadership of the nation.

SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA is an industrial computer system that monitors and controls a industrial process. SCADA system that collects data from various sensors at an industry or in other remote locations and then deliver this data to a central computer which then manages and monitor the data. SCADA systems are used not only in industrial processes but also in some experimental facilities such as nuclear fusion. our SCADA training section provide an opportunity for our students to get into suitable industrial organization with highly knowledge on industrial automation. Our training classes are done individually which give you the opportunity to learn clearly. The SCADA training classes of IPCS are available at Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Africa, Ghana.


  • SCADA Packages
  • Role of SCADA in Industrial Automation
  • SCADA System Configuration, RTU, Communication Protocols
  • Script Programming
  • Real Time and Historical Trend
  • Configuring Alarms
  • Real Time Project Development with PLC Interfacing
  • Communication with other Software
  • Recipe Management
  • Accessing Different Security Levels
  • Report Generation of Current Plant